Growing Responsibly

As we expand our services and production, we believe that we must be responsible. Gatsby, our farm manager, has taken time to explain why we use organic practices on the farm.

Hiram Farm prides itself on using 100% organic farming practices, but what exactly does this mean to you? As a consumer, you can trust that the produce you eat from the farm is free from chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and all synthetic treatments.  In the same way, the livestock on the farm is fed locally sourced, organic, and freshly milled non-GMO feed, meaning that the meat you eat is also pure and clean. All of our plants are grown from organic seeds and are mostly heirloom variety, thus they have not been hybridized and retain their original genetic traits and likewise contain a higher nutritional value. We look forward to saving many of the seeds from the crops to plant in the future years.

In the gardens, we use sustainable practices such as the use of organic compost, companion planting, and ground covers to suppress weeds and build soil/habitat.  Using organic methods is not only better for you; it is better for the farm and the ecosystem in general.  Furthermore, at Hiram Farm, we integrate a “polyculture” growing system by incorporating a variety of crops, as opposed to the “monoculture” crops you often see in the area with wide spanning conventional farms of GMO crops, particularly corn and soy.

Our farm is 100% free from toxic GMO’s.  Why is this important?  GMO’s are altered genetically to be roundup-resistant, which means that farmers can spray their crops with toxic herbicides, pesticides, mildicides, and fungicides containing glyphosphate, which the World Health Organization recently classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”  These crops have been altered genetically to a point where our bodies do not recognize it as nutritious food, nor can they metabolize it as such.  In the last few years, science is just now starting to understand the detrimental effects this can have on our bodies.  A large number of published scientific studies show that as little as 1 ppm (part per million) of glyphosphate will kill almost all the bacteria in the guts of animals.  A few ppm can cause oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, DNA damage, and even just .5 ppm is an endocrine disruptor (Mother Earth News, Issue No. 276, June/July 2016). However, GMO crops grown here in the U.S.  have allowable levels from 10-400 ppm! Furthermore, science is showing us that glyphosphate doesn’t degrade easily in soil or in humans, but rather accumulates in all our organs.  Glyphosphate is also patented as an antibiotic, further damaging the beneficial bacteria living in our digestive systems. Avoiding glyphosphate is one of the best things you can do for you and your family’s health!

Here at Hiram Farm we are happy to provide food that is free from all chemicals, pesticides, and GMO’s and hope you will spread the word.  If you would like more information about our organic practices, feel free to schedule a tour of the farm, or better yet, attend a workshop in the coming months.

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